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Video: Inside Kingston’s USB Stick Factory

via Wired: Gadget Lab by Charlie Sorrel on 8/24/09

Our good friend Sascha from Netbook News recently got to poke his nose around Kingston's production lines, specifically the factory where USB thumb drives are put together. Luckily for us, after Sascha had donned his natty cap and other dust-busting gear, he picked up his video camera and took it in with him.

The biggest surprise is how office-like this seems. If you expect the factory resemble those which churn out cars or wash returned milk bottles, you'll be disappointed. The machines which do the work here are small and quiet, more like photocopiers than giant, Transformer-like welding-bots. In fact, we're reminded of nothing so much as a high-street print bureau. Which is, given the nature of circuit production, not far from the truth. Bonus: Just over halfway in, the memory card in the video camera gets almost full — inside a memory-making factory!

How's a USB Is Made? Trip to the Kingston Production Plant [Netbook News. Thanks, Sascha!]

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