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Stupid Table Manners

Muito divertido, vale a leitura....

via Neatorama by Alex on 8/20/09

If you think about it, table manners are just one of the ways The Man has got us under his thumb. Separate forks for salad, fish, oyster and dinner? It's oppression, I tell you.

Our BFF BuzzFeed is revolting against some of the stupidest table manners today and have provided means for us regular Joes to resist being civilized:

1. Multiple Forks
Oppressive rule: You sit down at a fancy restaurant and are immediately faced with a vast array of forks.

Resistance solution: Side-step the utensils. God gave you hands for a reason.

2. Eating Soup With A Spoon
Oppressive rule: Despite the fact that soup is a liquid, we're forced to ladle in out in painfully small increments, always with the threat of spillage.

Resistance solution: Use a straw if it's thin broth; lift the bowl and DRINK DIRECTLY FROM THE BOWL if it's anything hearty.

Miss Manners is surely horrified: Link - Thanks Matt!

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