terça-feira, setembro 25, 2007

ISSA Day - Setembro

É hoje !!

próximo dia 25 (terça-feira) a ISSA Capítulo Brasil/SP realizará
mais uma edição do ISSA Day, que será patrocinado e acontecerá nas
dependências da DARYUS (www.daryus.com.br). Nesta edição do encontro,
contaremos com a presença de um palestrante internacional, o Sr. Ralph
Thomas, gerente do time de pesquisa de códigos maliciosos da VeriSign.
Sua palestra será sobre as tendências em fraudes eletrônicas e formas
de defesa.


19:00 ~ 19:15 - Apresentação da ISSA
19:15 ~ 20:15 - Apresentação Daryus
20:15 ~ 20:45 - Coffee-break
21:15 ~ 22:00 - Palestra "Cyber Fraud Trends and Mitigation", Ralph
Thomas (VeriSign)

Local: DARYUS Strategic Risk Consulting

Av. Paulista, 1009, 11o andar, cjto 1102 - São Paulo - SP
Tel: (11) 3285-6539

Inscrições, a partir de 24/09, através do site da ISSA Brasil:

Cyber Fraud Trends and Mitigation //
Ralph Thomas

Phishing Trojan horse programs are not traditional bots, but
sophisticated and original pieces of malicious code. Since iDefense
began tracking the technique in May 2006, the attackers have quietly
seeded dozens of variants into the wild to target at least 30 specific
banks. These attackers had intimate knowledge of each targeted bank's
Web infrastructure and built a sophisticated command-and-control
system that completely automated the attacks. The authors believe that
criminal organizations are using these phishing Trojans to compromise
millions of bank accounts across the globe. These Phishing Trojan
attacks can defeat sophisticated authentication schemes that security
experts previously thought to be rock solid.

This presentation discusses mitigation techniques that work and fail
in light of these new malicious code attacks. The audience will be
given an overview on malicious code attacks against the financial
infrastructure as well as an introduction into banking authentication
schemes. The presentation also includes cyber-fraud detection and
mitigation strategies.

iDefense Security Intelligence Services, VeriSign(r) (http://labs.idefense.com/)


Ralph Thomas, Manager - iDefense Malicious Code Operations

Mr. Thomas heads the iDefense Malicious Code Operations Group. This
group is responsible for the active collection of open-source
intelligence, and for the reporting and analysis of public reports and
outbreaks of malicious code. Mr. Thomas also directs the malicious
code research lab in iDefense, which is tasked with the development of
tools for discovery and analysis of malicious code and related
threats. Before joining iDefense, Mr. Thomas worked as Principal
Computer Forensics Consultant in several data acquisition and
litigation support projects and served as expert witness in federal
court. Early in his career Mr. Thomas designed hardware and real-time
software in the controls and digital television sectors before turning
his attention to enterprise software. A Certified Lotus Specialist, he
has expertise in e-mail archiving, document imaging, Siebel, SAP, and
Oracle Applications. Mr. Thomas holds a Masters of Science degree in
Electrical Engineering from the University Dortmund, Germany.

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